Seoul Dragon City Hotel

Special Information
  • Client SEOBU T&D CO., LTD.
  • Award 2019 Korea Ecological Architecture & Environment Award_The Grand prize
    2017 BIM Award_The excellence prize
    2014 MIPIM Asia Awards_The bronze prize
  • Gross Area (㎡) 185,376.71

Equipped with a total of 1,700 rooms and various facilities related to international events and conferences, Yongsan Tourist Hotel is a project that revitalizes Yongsan and provides the city with an urban image as the center of Northeast Asia. The hotel consists of three towers and a mass on the lower levels connecting them together. The partitioned masses, the facade design, and diversity of materials serve to reduce the pressure exerted by the mega-sized building. Furthermore, the building is the result of Junglim’s design intention of pursuing a low-carbon, nature-friendly building that simultaneously considers design and function, which serves as an impressive landmark and presents a new typology of a megasized public space.

Project Information
  • Region Seoul, Korea
  • Market Hotel/Leisure
  • Site area 18,953.70㎡
  • Building area 8,926.00㎡
  • Total floor area 185,376.71㎡
  • Total floor basement level 4floor and ground 40floor
  • Design year 2012year
  • Completion year 2017year
서울 드래곤시티
서울 드래곤시티
서울 드래곤시티
서울 드래곤시티
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