Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Cheonan Office

Special Information
  • Client Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance
  • Gross Area (㎡) 29,410.19
  • Floors 6/14

The Cheonan office of Hyundai Marine has continuity of design connected with the building in the past. The corporate image of trust and faith was realized while using stone as the main material, and the image of the office building containing the identity of the company was realized by using a design similar to the existing office building. Following Gangnam/Gwanghwamun/Bupyeong/Pusan, Cheonan Building is another 'Stone Collection' work that will be used as an architecture to effectively promote corporate image in the area.
The 'Hyundai Marine&Fire Insurance Cheonan office' was planned as a design that is neat, dignified, and can continue the value of the building for a long time.

Project Information
  • Region Asan, Korea
  • Market Office
  • Site area 2,617.20㎡
  • Building area 1,746.78㎡
  • Total floor area 29,410.19㎡
  • Total floor basement level 6floor and ground 14floor
  • Design year 2016year
  • Completion year 2019year
현대해상 천안사옥
현대해상 천안사옥
현대해상 천안사옥
현대해상 천안사옥
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