Busan North Port Marina

Special Information
  • Gross Area (㎡) 23,676.17
  • Floors 0/7

A newborn land that stretches out to the ocean. The maritime cultural district of the Busan North Port redevelopment area is situated at the heart of the entire complex and serves as a convergence point for major routes. Two landmark structures of the maritime cultural district, Busan Opera House and Busan NorthPort Marina blend in with abundant greenery and the ocean to constitute one and only marine park of Busan city. Busan North Port Marina’s terrace-shaped mass, merged within the surrounding environment is advantageous for ample indoor natural lighting and provides a panoramic view of the oversea mooring facilities and the entire maritime cultural district. Moreover, the structure acts as a harmonious landmark, featuring multi-dimensional landscapes within the flatland of marine park.

Marina facilities are destined to contemplate on the usage of a space where the ocean meets the land -Quayside area. Busan North Port Marina facilitates the length of the quayside to its maximum, thus enhancing the connectivity with the waterfront facilities and increasing the front-facing ratio of the amenities. This contributes to the public vitalization of the Marina, allowing smooth access for visitors. The accommodations located on the upper levels are strategically positioned to overlook the oversea facilities and Busan Opera House, while the mass extending towards the old downtown Busan features a multipurpose hall, accommodating the activities and needs of the original city. Responding to the client's opinion that marina facilities, centered around yachts, require further expansion of public base in Korean context, programs including a survival swimming education center for children, a pool for marine sports such as skin scuba diving and free diving were added to let the building function as ‘a place for everyday life of the people of Busan.’

The lines and light flowing along the site connect the city and the ocean. The mass, formed by embracing the lines of the site, become elongated and multi-faceted. The natural inflow of movement and the arrangement of various exterior spaces represent Busan North Port Marina as a public place, enjoyed by both the people of Busan and Marina visitors. Respecting the existing architecture including Busan Opera House and Busan International Terminal, and embracing the context of North Port, this new landmark for Busan is realized through harmony with the surroundings.

Project Information
  • Region Busan, Korea
  • Market Industrial/Transportation
  • Site area 26,446.27㎡
  • Building area 12,152.59㎡
  • Total floor area 23,676.17㎡
  • Total floor ground 7floor
  • Design year 2017year
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