Huam Church

Special Information
  • Gross Area (㎡) 1,370.00
  • Floors 2/3

A simple form of this church solicits people to tfeel novel spirit of an earliest Christian period. Apart from ordinary style of Presbyterian church architecture at the time it was designed, the design attempted to constitutre an atmosphere of divine spirit b introducing particular systems of building plan, sound effect, and lighting. It was a new attempt f church layout to locate the choir at back of the alterm Interior spaces are arranged t imitate a section of basilica. The narrow and lofty nave createds a solemn atmosphere for worshiping and rows of isolated columns render beauty of architectural structure. The brick relief at the side wall is a content of the bible and it enhances sound effects as well.

Project Information
  • Region Seoul, Korea
  • Market Religion
  • Total floor area 1,370.00㎡
  • Total floor basement level 2floor and ground 3floor
  • Design year 1971year
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